11th March 2011


Sinalco successful in Egypt On 3rd March 2011, Sina Cola, based in El Mansura, Egypt, formally opened its new filling plant. Many honorary guests from the fields of politics, business and show business came to see the first bottles of Sinalco run through the production lines. The bottles of the cult German soda were quickly passed on to distribution partners, and the number of sales outlets is growing every day. Distribution is being supported by marketing measures that have been finely-tuned to the needs of retailers and caterers. The message is clear: Sinalco is a growth brand. And in the first six months progress has been impressive. Sina Cola, Sinalco’s exclusive partner for Egypt, is building on its momentum. As well as the popular Sinalco Cola, Sinalco Orange and Sinalco Lemon Lime varieties, new flavours are being developed to tempt Egyptian consumers. But success can breed jealousy. Poor-quality fake Sinalco products from “Sinalco Egypt” are starting to appear on the market. They do not taste like genuine Sinalco, are made with inferior ingredients, and are not produced to the exacting hygiene and quality standards that Sinalco insist on. We feel that it is necessary to warn consumers not to drink these products. “Sinalco Egypt” is not a valid brand name and, indeed, is a violation of our copyright. Sinalco International and its Egyptian partner, Sina Cola, have started legal proceedings against these forgers. Only Sina Cola from El Mansura can deliver the true taste of Sinalco in Egypt. Only then can Egyptian consumers be sure that their Sinalco will really taste great.

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After Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, the German cult-drink has now arrived in another Middle-Eastern country. Its 74.7 million inhabitants and borders to countries including Turkey, Azerbaidjan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan make Iran an important and attractive market. It was important for Sinalco to have an established distribution partner before entering such a large market, and we are happy to have found the Behpakhsh Corporation. The cooperation is helped by the fact that Behpakhsh have a German subsidiary, Behpakhsh GmbH, whose Managing Director, Parham Omidi, is based in Düsseldorf. Behpakhsh GmbH acts as a consultancy for European companies looking to enter the lucrative Iranian market in partnership with the Behpakhsh Corporation. The Behpakhsh Corporation itself was founded in 1955 and is the oldest and largest distributor by turnover of consumer goods in Iran, and the Middle-East as a whole. Last year Behpakhsh moved 800,000 tonnes of goods and turned over a ten-figure sum in US dollars. The partnership agreement was signed on the 23rd floor of the landmark Düsseldorf GAP Tower on the Königsallee. 40 guests had come to witness the signing, including representatives of companies such as Teekanne, Tchibo, Kuchenmeister and Frosch, banks including the EN Bank and the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, tax accountants, lawyers and other business people. The guests could enjoy a range of Sinalco products while admiring the breathtaking view of the city. At the signing, Mongi Goundi, Managing Director of Sinalco International Brands, was very optimistic about the prospects for the new partnership. “Sinalco’s wide product range and the Behpakhsh Corporation’s well-developed distribution network will combine to conquer the Iranian market”, said Goundi. Behpakhsh International Trading Co. Chairman, Reza Sahraei, and Deputy Managing Director, Dariush Ravaie, stressed that they were convinced that the cooperation with Sinalco would be fruitful on all levels – from product development through marketing to new launches. Mongi Goundi presented Reza Sahraei with a model Sinalco lorry as a symbol of the first delivery of concentrates, due to arrive in Iran for the start of production in October 2011.

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