Sinalco Beach Spot

Sinalco makes dreams come true – and not just in the new TV ad produced in the Gulf of Siam. On a lonely dream-beach in southern Thailand a twelve-strong team from five nations turned the new ad from storyboard into reality.Sinalco – zest for life, having fun with friends and being active. This is where the story for the little piece of film art begins: a dream comes true for a boy as a beautiful girl emerges from the azure blue waves. Thanks to Sinalco the boy is soon sitting on a towel with two girls and enjoying ice cold Sinalco in exotic temperatures.

“This ad kicks off the new campaign in Europe which we are already using in the Middle East," says Mongi Goundi, Managing Director of Sinalco International. “The brand becomes more emotionally charged and we evoke desire through the dream scene with beach, palm trees and sea as well as with the unknown actors.”
Besides the TV ad several designs for posters or print advertisements have been created. The TV ad has been on view internationally on MTV since April. A presenter has been produced in Thailand especially for the sponsorship of the MTV Adria Top 20.
In order to carry on the beach theme at the POS a Sinalco Beach Collection has been developed for the summer. Alongside Sinalco shorts for the men Sinalco bikinis have been designed for the ladies which have been produced in cooperation with the German beachwear manufacturer exxtasy. In addition, beach shelters, bodyboards and flip-flops have been produced and given away as competition prizes.